Are you a talented, Fashion Designer or Costume Designer with a flair for inventing the perfect look? Do you have original creations that you want to share with the world? If so, the producers of the ground-breaking film The Game of One are on a global search for you!

The Game of One here is an epic sci-fi/fantasy trilogy through twenty-two different realms — each defined by entirely unique costume design. In each realm, the twelve key actors, plus scores of extras and dancers must be costumed in a way that elevates the beauty and the grandeur of the world of this epic story.

This is a call to undiscovered fashion visionaries to upload a work sample to The Game of One website with a shot to bring that talent and vision to an extraordinary global film. Imagine your work helping to shape the visual identity of the twenty-two different fantasy worlds.

As a fashion or costume designer, has getting your work in front of a Hollywood costume supervisor seemed like an impossible dream? Well, no longer. If selected, you will be flown to Hollywood to be a critical member of the Costume Design Team.

But even before the selection process, opportunities abound. By applying, your costume designs can be featured on the film’s social media pages with a link back to your own website. As The Game of One buzz builds online, traffic to the site will bring new eyes to your unique fashion design talents.

Your fashion and costume designs before the whole world’s eyes can happen. And one film in the world is your way!