EDM DJs, Bands, Singers, All Musical Instuments

Are you a talented musician with a unique sound that needs to be shared with the world? The producing team behind the groundbreaking new film The Game of One are on a global search for you!

This epic film trilogy is an adventure through TWENTY-TWO unique realms, each filled with its own music. While EDM will be the most heavily featured, we’re on the lookout for musical talent across the spectrum. Let us know if you are:

  • EDM DJs (Trance, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Broken Beat, others)
  • Drummers (Taiko, African, Tribal Drummers, Rock)
  • Singers (all genres, all languages)
  • Instrument players (all instruments)
  • Bands (all genres, all languages)

No matter your musical expression, you have a shot. To apply, simply upload an audio and/or video file of your music. What we’re looking for is the sounds of tomorrow!

Even before the film is released, applying on the website is a can’t-miss opportunity for international exposure. Through the selection process, all entries will be posted on the site. Top Audience Picks will be even more prominently featured, with a new Artist of The Week chosen weekly.

Your music considered for a Hollywood film. International exposure. Global collaboration. Sounds incredible? Then what are you waiting for? Apply and bring your sound and style to the entire world!